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May 30, 2022
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May 31, 2022
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N1-Press On Nails Short French Fake Reusable Press-On Nails False Nails Jelly Glue Tape 24Pcs

$6.00 $3.49

Quality nails apply in seconds
Easy to apply and remove
Up to 7-10 days wear
Waterproof and chip resistant
Kit Includes: 24 Nails+Nail Glue Pad(24pcs)+Nail File+Cuticle Stick
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Glue tape application

  1. Clean and dry natural nails, select the correct size for each finger
  2. Select right-size glue tape for each artificial nail, and stick it on the back of the artificial nail
  3. Peel off clear backing to reveal adhesive
  4. Align nail with cuticle
  5. Press down firmly starting in the middle, the firm on each side left to right


  1. Gently peel off from the sides or dab polish remover between the natural nail and artificial nail
  2. Wait a minute then peel off
  3. If needed, use a manicure stick to help in the removal
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