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9pcs/Set Diamond Eyelash Case Packaging Eyelash Packaging Box Lash Case Eyelash Cases Goodylashes
April 1, 2021
False Eyelash Storage Box Paper Lash Case Lash Packaging | Eyelash Packaging | Lash Packaging | Lash Box | Goodylashes
April 1, 2021
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3D False Eyelashes Packaging Empty Lash Case Glitter Eyelash Box Without Eyelashes

$1.90 - $2.90

This lashes case is for sale and at wholesale price!

but the price for this item is only for an empty package, not including lashes. if you need to order lashes with this package together, just click here to order lashes, we will put lashes into this lash case for you.!
If you have lashes from other place and only order this lash case, we will put a disposable transparent plastic bag for you!
If you have an already-done logo want to customize this lash case with your logo
Click the Contact us on WhatsApp below
We are here to help you! Thank you!

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